About Us

Same as you, We are experiencing searching house sold price from the Internet, we want to know where I should buy my first home. How much should I pay for the property I am planning to buy, what is the nearby property sold price.

In Australia, the property sales data is quite open and transparent, you can get the information from weekly auction results, recent sold prices on famous realestate websites and agent websites etc. However, the data is scattered on many corners of the internet, and the detailed historic sales data must be paid for.

What do we provide to you

We collect a lot of sales data for the suburbs we interested. And I know you want to get those data too. As the home buyers and web developers, we had an idea to build a free property sold price website. We provide a clear and data-rich interface to any of you, home buyers who are eagerly get more information to support your important decision.

Education is one of the most important factor for the property price

Education is very important to children, the quality of the schools nearby is the key factor the house price. Thus, we provide school search and school ranking services, helping parents to find suitable schools for their children, and evaluate precisely the house price of suburb where the top public schools locate.

We collect data from various online and offline public sources, and publish it in a form of weekly reports, adding extra value on top of collected information.

We trust you find this service easy to use, convenient and beneficial for your market research.